Gender Reveal LARGE Fire Extinguisher/ Color Blaster

Gender Reveal LARGE Fire Extinguisher/ Color Blaster

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Our Gender Reveal extinguisher is the perfect addition to reveal your baby's gender! Blasting Pink or Blue in the air over 10ft making it picture perfect! Make your event unique and unforgettable with your loved ones.

Duration: Each color blaster will last approximately 18-20 seconds and shoot over 10 feet into the air!

Easy to Use: Verify pressure gauge is reflecting charged, cut zip-tie, remove pin & Black safety plug, squeeze handles and watch as Pink or Blue bursts out. It's a simple and exciting way to reveal the gender of your baby.

100% Safe: Our color blasters contain non-toxic, 100% biodegradable cornstarch. Environmentally safe to use and easy to clean up.

What's included: Receive one gender reveal extinguisher loaded with over 4lbs of color powder each. Extinguishers do not come with color stickers on the bottom. Color will be discreet.